May 9, 2012
As always, details below. This is a truly momentous occasion, so bring loved ones and let’s break bread.
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• • • Feature Acts • • •

Poet, performer, playwright, graphic artist and designer. Inua Ellams started performing in cafes in 2003 and has since worked in venues which include Queen Elizabeth Hall, Tate Britain, Theatre Royal Stratford and Glastonbury Festival. He has also undertaken several commissions, including those for Tate Modern, Soho Theatre and for the BBC’s Politics Show. His first book was the best-selling poetry pamphlet, Thirteen Fairy Negro Tales (2005), and in 2009 his debut play, The 14th Tale (2009), a partly autobiographical coming of age tale, won a Fringe First Award at Edinburgh Festival, toured, and ran at the National Theatre in 2010.
His second play, Untitled (2010), toured in Autumn 2010.
Just recently, Inua brought his latest stage adaptation- Black T-Shirt Collection, to a pretty much consecutively
sold out audience.

Having shared the same stage as US megastars Musiq Soulchild, Donell Jones, Avant, Kirk Franklin and Fred Hammond, it is evident that Rachel Kerr is a loaded hurricane about to strike the UK’s music industry. The last year has seen the rising R&B popstar and songwriter being accosted by the media wherever she goes, including the US number one urban TV station BET. Rachel Kerr is the sensational new talent; certified to be Britain’s own national treasure. Rachel is proof that first-class performers are not solely limited to the United States. Her music is epic, honest, infectious and she comfortably strides the tightrope-fine line between the R&B and pop genres. Bold kick drums, fat snares and soaring synths teamed with Rachel’s breathtaking effortless vocals are proving to be a recipe for success for the rising star.
Femi is a flash fiction writer and performer. She has told her tiny tales at many fantastic places including Literary Death Match, UpRise Festival, The Charles Dickens Museum, and The Southbank. Using humour and sensitivity along with a fearless honesty, Femi’s stories explore the gamut of the human condition. She is the Dickens 2012 Young Writer in Residence.

Born in East London, with roots firmly set in the UKG and hip hop cultures, Chockz’ s lyrical trickery comprises of clever wordplay, mesmerising metaphors and impeccable diction laid out upon the smoothest of flows. Not content with just mastering lyrics, Chockz is also a poet, producer and song writers for contemporary artists, making his “I’m more than a rapper” moto more than apt.

Lounge lyricist. Failed poet. The bastard offspring of ODB and Tim Key. None of these things, and less, have been said about Raphael Attar. With South London roots and a newly acquired Northern twang, Raph combines deft wordplay with an eye for an absurd to talk about the things that really matter. Politics. Dinosaurs. Gary Barlow.

Nigerian-born, alternative pop artist Azekel is characterised By experimental beats laced with soulful tones. With numerous achievements under his belt such as featuring on the Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape, performing on the Roundhouse Rising Festival 2012 stage and opening for a number of UK acts, the singer-songwriter producer is about ready for take off..
P L U S:

► Short Film Screening from Yemi Bamiro

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.:: £5 before 8.30pm, £7 thereafter. Artists have individual guest lists, or pay on the door::.

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February Show:: Anthony Anaxagorou.

March 8, 2011



This is Us.




:: 12.09.10 ::

August 24, 2010

SUNDAY 12th Sept

As a perfect culmination to the end of summer (or current lack thereof), Writer’s Block brings you a first of a kind BBQ/Performance/ Party. Fresh Barbecued food topped off with a DJ set by Doctor’s Orders legend, DJ Snips. Live music courtesy of Szjerdene and Kaana Ellie, Spoken word by G.R.E.E.D.S backed by the 7 piece Remedies band.


• • •  Feature Acts • • •


Headlining the bill for an extended music set, singer and guitarist Szjerdene will serenade the crowd supported by her full band. It’s Szjerdene’s sweetly seductive style of music that continues to define her as the undeniably gifted crème of UK music that she is. With what can be described as a celestial voice and sharp song writing savvy, it’s no wonder Szjerdene is such a valued performer in the London circuit.

► G.R.E.E.D.S:::

Spoken Word aficionado and all round lovely guy, Yomi, stage name G.R.E.E.D.S knows how to work a crowd. The acronym of his name (Generating Rhymes to Engage the EnlightenD Soul) is just the tip of the iceberg. Currently gearing up for his latest release- the fourth installment of his Sampler E.P series- Yomi has continued to push the bracket of artistry, seamlessly fusing music with his candid, witty, introspective rhymes.

► Kaana Ellie::

Kaana Ellie is a powerhouse vocalist and one the most invigorating contemporary performers to grace a stage. Backed by her 7 piece band, ‘The Remedies’, Kaana’s Soul/Funk sound and vibrant delivery continues to demand attention, with flair. Gigging on the London Soul and acoustic circuit for the past 18 + months Kaana and The Remedies have played at venues such as Soho Revue bar, Cargo and The Jazz Cafe.

P L U S:

► DJ Snips will be on the decks providing a mix of Hip Hop


► £5 entry includes one plate of food (subject to availability), as well as the entire night’s entertainment

►Open Mic segment also. Sign up on the door. Very limited spaces.

Collection boxes for the Pakistan Flood Appeal will be available. Donations made to the DEC

► BBQ will include::: Jerk Chicken (Halal), Beef Burgers, Vegetarian Burgers, Corn on the Cob,an extensive selection of salads, plus homemade cupcakes and deserts.

• • • E N T R Y • • •

The Macbeth

70 Hoxton Street

London N1 6LP


.:: £5 including a free plate of BBQ Food!::.

• • • W E B A G E • • •



May 20, 2010



Wale feat. Marsha Ambrosius- Diary


This video isn’t hot off the press, but you know we don’t do crazy things like blog daily around here. Still this is a moment. Mainly because this track- where Wale is executing some serious spoken word- is his next official single. I’m happy to see it’s made it beyond album track status.

The day before is better than the present,
so anyone presented in her presence is doing these life sentences,
there’s no key for release,
no reason to be around,
her minds in the clouds,
she writes it all down,
in her diary.

This is a bit ( a lot) exciting (Given, on the track he does rhyme in a similar meter to Natalie ‘Floasist’ Stewart, which might have something to do with Marsha Ambrosius of Floetry killing it on the chorus..it’s all very Floetry revival-esqe). Still, it’s great this is getting a little attention. I miss music like this in the mainstream. Bless Wale,  he’s such an emotionally sensitive rapper these days…pulling at heart-strings and all sorts.


January 28, 2010

Thursday 11th February

RSVP>>>>>>>>>> www.tiny.cc/wbfeb

• • • IN B R E I F • • •

If you haven’t sampled Writer’s Block before think: vibrant spoken word, emotive, intimate live music and engaging short films. It’s a space to be unrestricted, to laugh, to get angry or get sexy. It’s your space, so come and own it; open up your live show experience.

The February 11th show is Passion themed and each act will in some way relate their interpretation of that. Why? Because passion is what propels us.

• • • POETS • • •

Will Stopha

::: www.williamstopha.com

The self termed ‘story telling, song singing, learning, listening, rhymer’, Will is quite possibly UK poetry’s best kept secret. Always giving the audience a sensory explosion with his use of visuals incorporated in to rhyme slayin’, expect the unexpected.

► Indigo Williams

::: http://www.myspace.com/indigowilliams
With open arms, we welcome Indigo, a massively talented writer, to our block (see what we did there?). With her penmanship ranging from poetry to scriptwriting, Indigo vividly inks out her experiences with great sophistication.

► Tshaka Campbell

::: http://www.myspace.com/tshakaisnaturalkink

Papa Tshaka, is our California native. His Poetry CD ‘Listen Differently’ is still literally on constant rotation at the Writer’s Block HQ. A rare gem of a wordsmith and enchanting performer, he’s a treat.

► Jodi Ann Bickley

:: http://www.myspace.com/onenoneblonde
Finalist of the Roundhouse Slam ’09, Ms Bickley has been making waves with her coy, fire-tongued delivery and relatable content. Characterized for her humorous take on life’s idiosyncrasies, she can’t not put a smile on your face.


• • • LIVE MUSIC ACTS • • •


::: http://www.myspace.com/obenewa
Obenewa has stunned crowed up and down the UK with her distinctly invigorating performances and relentless passion for her craft. Most recently Obenewa was a nominee for this year’s UK Mixtape Awards, off the back of her much acclaimed Soul mixtape Therapy featuring the likes of Bashy. Come Feb 11th, Obenewa will be serving acoustic versions of original songs from the Therapy mixtape ad beyond.


::: http://www.myspace.com/jareth1987
22 year old JARETH from north-west London is one of London’s most refreshing songwriter/ singers to emerge from the unsigned scene. It was only three years ago that JARETH (formerly know as Jaysongs) discovered her talent for the pen and mic and has been unstoppable ever since. Her voice is simply divine; peruse her MySpace page for evidence of this, then come down on Feb 11th to experience the real deal live.


::: http://www.myspace.com/wilsonsings
If singing voices had the physiological capabilities to actually make the human body melt into a pool of pulsating mush, Wilson’s would quite possibly be that voice. Smooth vocals, coupled with markedly poignant lyrics makes Wilson is quite simply, a double treat and a man who continues to make waves on the unsigned scene.


:: http://www.myspace.com/sharikamedla
Hailing from Germany, Sharika is a singer/songwriter that has been performing for a number of years both in Germany and England. Her music encompasses elements of Soul, Folk and Rock. She’s currently working on new material towards releasing an EP in the summer, and will be debuting at Writer’s Block on Feb 11th


Short Film Screening: ‘Love Is’ By Yemi Bamiro.

DJ Set from DJ STROLLER http://myspace.com/djstroller

► An extensive menu of Hot Food available

• • • E N T R Y • • •
.:: £5 ALL Night!::.

! Arrive early to avoid tears and aching feet !

RSVP>>>>>>>>>> www.tiny.cc/wbfeb

• • • W E B A G E • • •

::Greeds is Hungry

August 21, 2009


The London poetry scene is growing, and the movements of spoken word artists are correlated to that. Not being content with just putting pen to paper, getting publishing deals, or hitting the stages on the poetry circuit, poets are now releasing and distributing albums like rappers do mixtapes. Writer’s Block catches up with one such artist, Nigerian born Yomi Sode, aka Greeds.

So, exclusively for Writer’s Block, Greeds talks performances, sensitivity, jogging and his upcoming launch night for his debut album ‘Volume in Silence’.


 Writer’s Block: So quick history lesson: Where did the name Greeds come from and what got you into poetry?

Greeds: G.R.E.E.D.S stands for Generating Rhymes to Engage the EnlighteneD Soul. 

It came at a time when I started doing performance poetry. I sat and broke down what was originally termed Greedy into something more meaningful. As for how I started,  I first started off as a rapper. It was cool as it gave me a taste of performing to an audience, but I felt that people were not really listening to me. See as a rapper, the audience can be more interested in the beats and sounds your band is producing than the lyrical content that you are actually delivering. So I decided to perform without any band, sounds, and backing track, just me. Then I started hitting the poetry circuit and enjoyed every second of it.

Writer’s Block: So what’s your experience of being a recognised poet been like so far?

Greeds: Its alright! I mean I don’t mind it but I feel being called a poet comes with some restrictions. You are branded and people assume that because you are a poet you must be conscious and talk about certain subjects. I personally consider myself as an artist.

Alot of people have their doubts on whether poetry can break into the mainstream which really grates me. Spoken word is already in the mainstream, it’s just not packaged that way. Look at the Streets! Mike Skinner at times talks over his beats instead of rapping more in line with the beat. Does anyone call it spoken word or poetry? No! I really want to break these boundaries and reduce limitations.

Writer’s Block: How do you practice performing your pieces?

Greeds: Well I started off just in my house. You know, going through poems in the mirror. See when you can look at your reflection you can adjust your facial expressions, body language and the tone of voice. Now, I go to the park or anywhere else that has an open space. Actually I got some really good advice that I use, especially to help in my delivery of pieces if I am doing a long set.

Writer’s Block: Do share…

Greeds: Jogging! Being a performance poet, means that I must stay in shape, to help me during my sets. Increasing my stamina and staying healthy keeps my vocals clear and strong.(laughs) While I run I perform my poems out load. If anyone wants to hear my poetry sets they need to come jogging with man, you get me! This is serious stuff!

Writer’s Block: So your launch is for your Volume in Silence album. Who is it for? What does it cover? 

Greeds: Volume in silence is a concept album. This means that I had an idea personal to myself with a huge feeling that others would be able to relate to it. For example I am quite quiet at times or I know I should air my thoughts more, these are some of the things that not only I say to myself but I hear other people say all the time. This album is for that person and also for the lovers of the art form and will appreciate the fusion with different sounds.

Writer’s Block: Does expressing yourself through creativity mean you have a legion of female fans that deem you the ‘sensitive sort? 

Greeds: (laughs) I believe that if you deal with matters of the heart you will connect with another heart out there. Singers do this amazingly and the same goes for poetry because it is just as personal.

“Female fans?” I have people that appreciate my work and I am thankful.

“A sensitive side?” That side has always resided in me and is shown through my pieces. It’s harder for me now to be just numb to situations, I feel, think or see it then I’ll write it.

Writer’s Block: What will the audience expect from your up and coming show? 

Greeds: A night that will deliver, in true form. It will be personal, it will be emotionally driven, reminds me of something like an audience with ………  rather than an album launch.  
The support has been insane. I’m not signed or nothing but the way this project has been dealt with has been something of an Industry standard.  

I am looking forward to the night.

Greeds album launch is on 23.09.08 so hurry up and get your tickets here and for more on Greeds click here.

More interviews to come!


.:: E P I C::.

June 3, 2009


Writer’s Block is BACK and we have an explosive, energy-fuelled line-up that is turning heads exorcist style on:



RSVP >>> http://twurl.nl/2gd8e1

• • • IN B R E I F • • •

If you haven’t sampled Writer’s Block before think: vibrant spoken word, emotive, intimate live music and saliva-conjuring short films. It’s a space to be unrestricted, to laugh, to get angry or get sexy. It’s your space, so come and own it and open up your live show experience.

• • • Boombastic Feature Acts • • •


_ FLOetic Lara::::

FLOetic Lara (aka FLO), soulful empress, passionate poet, supreme lyricist, articulate songwriter…Hailing from the mean streets of Brixton, this unique songstress comes equipped with a vast and versatile vocal ability.



_ Breis::::

BREIS (pronounced Breeze) Hip hop verbalist supremo. Having a strict formative Nigerian upbringing where education is paramount, Breis secretly found himself identifying with Hip Hop and became “The Book Worm B-Boy”.
His sound being BAM (British-African Music); a fusion of hip hop and various African musical styles has led Breis to be described as one of the best kept secrets in British Hip Hop.



_ The Illersapians::::

A 7 piece hip hop collective including live instrumentalists, rapper, and vocalist. Pure infectious vibes.
Growing up in South London, the Illersapiens style has evolved from a colourful hybrid of music from Reggae to Broken beat, drawing inspiration from Hip Hop acts such as A Tribe called quest, MF Doom, Wu Tang Clan, The Roots, J Dilla, Flying Lotus and Madlib. British artists such as Roots Manuva, Jehst, London Posse, Klashnekoff and Steel Pulse are also heavily influential.



_Deanna Rodger::::

Multiple Farrago poetry slam winner, seasoned spoken word performer, poetry workshop student turned facilitator, original, delectable Deanna.
“Her poems take listeners on a journey, much of the time, they don’t realise that they are on; meaning is disguised through specific words used, semantic fields and imagery- so listen carefully. She speaks HER truth no one elses”


• • •’ Pic ‘n’ Mix’ Slots • • •


_ Martyna Baker::


_ Phresh Mentality :::::


_Raymond Antobus (Educated Fool)::::


_ Zainab::::


_ Defcee (Adam Moshe Levin)::::

P L U S:


• • • Short Films • • •



_ LIVE painting by cartoonist & illustrator Dapo Adeola:: Watch art work being created before your eyes throughout the show (shazzam!).

• • • E N T R Y • • •

.::NEW price of £5 ALL Night!::.

8pm PROMPT Start

! Arrive early to avoid tears & snot bubbles !

• • • W E B A G E • • •

• • • C O N T A C T • • •




RSVP >>> http://twurl.nl/2gd8e1