::W.B BBQ Show::A Portrait.

September 19, 2010



A week ago today was the first ever Writer’s Block BBQ show. With home made dishes and grilled carcasses the order of the day, we were lucky enough to experience a sunny Sunday on the roof terrace of The Macbeth. Proceeding our feastings were live performances from the electrifying Kaana Ellie and Remedies Band, plus the smooth musings of G.R.E.E.D.S who gave us a taster of his sampler 4 E.P, before a breathtaking feature performance from Szjerdene (who I must confess I’ve been trying to book for the past 2.5 years well worth the wait). Judging by the mammoth queue for the food and the feedback following the performers a good time was had by most- I do hope. Thank you all for coming out. Special thanks to all the acts once again and everybody that assisted logistically as well as the  three open mic performers- Chockz, Greg and Realite. Audience portrait pictures above courtesy of Shan Phearon. Head to our facebook page for a few more portraits from the night.


::You Must Be My…::

July 13, 2010

This is Bilal

This where Bilal will perform TOMORROW. 14th July, 2010.

It’s enough to make a grown woman cry.