::First Shots- C O M P E T I T I O N ::

July 21, 2010

As you should know we screen short films at pretty much every Writer’s Block show we have.  We’re big advocates, simply because so much can be conveyed and represented in a well produced short. We’ve seen everything from bloody thrillers, to wistful dramas, abstract animations and side-splitting silent movies. While the written and spoken word holds great power, the lasting effect of visual imagery means that it’s often a more tangible art form.

The Media Trust and Channel 4 have teamed up to give 16-24 year old filmmakers or aspiring videographers the chance to have their film professionally made for broadcast on a community channel and showcased at a special screening event in London.

The competition is a celebration of Black History Month, which is in October.

To enter visit: http://www.mediatrust.org/first-shots-competition/

Competition closes 29th July 2010


::** Writer’s Block Anniversary Special- 12 April **

April 2, 2009

So April marks !ONE YEAR! since the very first Writer’s Block creative expression event. 
In celebration of this beautiful milestone, we bring you more of what has made Writer’s Block such a success- unapologetic spoken word, soulful live music and thought-provoking short films. 

On top of that we’ve injected some more creative juices to intensify the Writer’s Block 12th April Anniversary experience. So expect visually stimulating Live Art (That’s right, watch a painted masterpiece being created from start to finish), enjoy some theatrics with an emotive Monologue by a professional actor and prepare for a creative celebration like never before. 

What better time to celebrate newness than Easter Sunday? Remember the next day is a BANK HOLIDAY.

[Easter Sunday]

• • • IN B R E I F • • •

If you haven’t sampled Writer’s Block before think: vibrant spoken word, emotive, intimate live music and saliva-conjuring short films. It’s a space to be unrestricted, to laugh, to get angry or get sexy. It’s your space, so come and own it and open up your live show experience.

• • •Spoken dons• • •

►Tshaka Imhotep Campbell:::::: LA Based, Internationally known Wordsmith.


►Excentral Tempest::::Hard hitting, fire spitting verbalist


► Dean Atta::::Award winning poet, playwright, actor and author


► Bunmi Hazzan::::Seasoned poetry Slam Champion


► Jasmine Cooray:::: Actress, engaging poet and director of Write London, graced the stage at the first ever Writer’s Block and is back for more of the same.


• • •Sweet melodies • • •

► Kevin Mark Trail::::: Undoubtedly one of the UKs finest soul stars armed with honey soaked-vocal and rich lyrical content


►Soulcyde: Eletric Soul /funk duo. Prepare for the power-house voice of vocalist Natz



►The mighty DJ Stroller on the one’s an twos


• • •Drama • • •

►Kobna Holdbrook-Smith::: Currently starring in Wole Soyinka play Death & The King’s Horsemen @ The National theatre. Graces the WB stage with a powerful monologue.

• • •Short Films • • •

►Powered by: New York Filmmaker extraordinaire Johnny Ma & “Love is…” Filmmaker Ashton John.

P L U S:

♥ LIVE painting! 
♥ Writer’s Block goodies
♥ Birthday Cake 

• • • E N T R Y • • •

FREE Before 7.30pm
£3 thereafter.

! Arrive early to avoid disappointment !

• • • W E B A G E • • •
For more artistic wonderment mosey on down to:

 • • •FACEBOOK • • • 


Contact us for Birthday and Group bookings at lovewritersblock@gmail.com

Connexions – Short Film

November 14, 2008

Check out this short from Danni B. It’s great to see a female filmmaker making her mark.

“Eavesdropping on a train? We all do it!” Connexions takes us on a fast paced journey where characters interconnect in more ways than one…

As the train plunges into the depths of South London Connexions allows us to, only briefly, gain an insight into its colourful inhabitants.

Check out more of Danni’s work here

! Write Space !

April 15, 2008

This blog is a continual celebration of young, talented Writer’s from various arenas.  Be they Prose writers Poetry writers, script writers, song writers or kant quite spel riters. 

Our words shape and commentate on the spaces we’re occupied in.

We are Writer’s Block www.lovewritersblock.com .  Established in Late 2007, we now hold, what will be regular creative expression evenings. Featuring spoken word, short films that will be held in London on a regular basis under the name Writer’s Block (in fact we had our LAUNCH event on April 10th 2008).  The Writer’s Block evenings are an opportunity for performers to be showcased in a rich, creative environment, before a vibrant yet attentive audience.

This blog, however has been designed for those who:

Wish to have their writing/ films/ videos showcased on a wider web platform as Writer’s Block pushes your art forward.

It’s an opportunity to have impartial readers, who are often writers or other such appreciators view and comment on your art.

A hub, for a wider pen-pushing, uncensored, diverse range of showcasing and discussion to take place.

****Be warned, Writer Block is not some nansy-pansy arena.  We like it raw, and we like it real.****