March 16, 2010

Writer’s Block presents: Jesse Boykins III (real name, no gimmicks).

Performing for the first time in the UK, and hailing from Brooklyn New York, Jesse (accompanied by a full live band) will have the crowd swooning with tunes from his two delicious albums;


The Beauty Created

No one has more swoon-worthy finesse than Jesse Boykins III. With his breathy intonations, boyish hustle and collaborations with artists like Melo-X and Theophilus London; he’s making noise in a soul music scene aching for something classic and new. In an age where vocals course through vocoders and double-clicks rule the DJ booth, Boykin’s New School-bred production and arrangement skills are both novel and necessary. His second album The Beauty Created is awash in richly textured instrumentation and driven by Jesse’s lyrical adoration of a woman’s quirks.

April 14th marks Writer’s Block’s 2nd Birthday celebrations and a rare chance to witness Jesse, plus a host of talented acts from the world of music and poetry Live at Cargo, Shoreditch. After the show, it’s the after party, led by mighty Hip Hop connoisseur DJ Snips (Doctor’s Orders).


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• • •Supa dupa Support Acts• • •

Inua Ellams of P.I.P (Poetry Inbetween People)

Impassioned. There’s no better way to describe Inua. So whether he’s spitting ticklish tales of childhood misdemeanors or offering rhyming couplets about love lost over Converse all-stars, know that he will deliver…passionately. Spoken Wordist, Writer, Graphic Designer & Nomadic journeyer. Inua is fresh off his sell out story-telling stage show ‘The 14th Tale’ performed at the National Theatre.

Deanna Roger

UK poetry slam champion, seasoned spoken word performer, poetry workshop student turned facilitator, original, delectable Deanna.
“Her poems take listeners on a journey, much of the time, they don’t realise that they are on; meaning is disguised through specific words used, semantic fields and imagery- so listen carefully. She speaks HER truth no one elses”

Kersha Bailey

Soul sensation, Kersha Bailey has developed a three octave vocal range with a soulful, colourful style. Her influences are diverse and include Coldplay, George Benson, Outkast, Foo Fighters,. Kersha’s sweet voice and notable song writing talents have taken her to performances such as the legendary London Jazz Café, Ronnie Scotts, Rise Festival, The Royal Albert Hall and for MPs in Covent Garden. She had the whole audience mesmerized at her last Writer’s Block Performance, captivating!

The Illersapiens

A 7 piece hip hop collective including live instrumentalists, rapper, and vocalist. Pure infectious vibes.
Growing up in South London, the Illersapiens style has evolved from a colourful hybrid of music from Reggae to Broken beat, drawing inspiration from Hip Hop acts such as A Tribe called quest, MF Doom, Wu Tang Clan, The Roots, J Dilla, Flying Lotus and Madlib. British artists such as Roots Manuva, Jehst, London Posse, Klashnekoff and Steel Pulse are also heavily influential.


The atmospheric and candid PoetiCat band will be gracing the Writer’s Block. The sound they bring, nick-named ‘folk n word’, will in no doubt bring extra spice to the night. PoetiCat’s are famed for their honest, thought-provoking, and comic take on urban life in London.


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March 2, 2010

I had to post this video of the angelic Zayna Daze performing ‘Midnight Lover’ at Style & Substance.


For more on her and the night click here


::Not all Mercury is banned

July 23, 2009

The Mercury Music Prize was first established in 1992 and was created as an alternative to the industry dominated Brit awards. Due to this nominees are normally recognized by sheer talent than chart-topping success. So in Lehmans terms exit Lady Gaga enter………………Speech Debelle.


Speech Debelle has just been nominated for a Mercury, which follows artists such as Roots Manuva, Dizzee Rascal, Ty and M.I.A. Not a bad list to be on if I say so myself. Now I’m going to be totally honest, I missed the boat on this artist completely. I gave her a quick  listen in late 08 and just pressed fast forward as I felt she was missing some sort of edge.  On a second listen (earlier this afternoon) I have realised that the hard-rage infused spitting I was looking for has been replaced with warm, insightful rhymes that, in fact, is very pleasing on the ear. 

Feast your retinas on the live busking video below.

Her debut album Speech Therapy is out now, released on Big Dada records, for more Speech Debelle click here.

Good luck on the Mercury my dear!


::** Writer’s Block Anniversary Special- 12 April **

April 2, 2009

So April marks !ONE YEAR! since the very first Writer’s Block creative expression event. 
In celebration of this beautiful milestone, we bring you more of what has made Writer’s Block such a success- unapologetic spoken word, soulful live music and thought-provoking short films. 

On top of that we’ve injected some more creative juices to intensify the Writer’s Block 12th April Anniversary experience. So expect visually stimulating Live Art (That’s right, watch a painted masterpiece being created from start to finish), enjoy some theatrics with an emotive Monologue by a professional actor and prepare for a creative celebration like never before. 

What better time to celebrate newness than Easter Sunday? Remember the next day is a BANK HOLIDAY.

[Easter Sunday]

• • • IN B R E I F • • •

If you haven’t sampled Writer’s Block before think: vibrant spoken word, emotive, intimate live music and saliva-conjuring short films. It’s a space to be unrestricted, to laugh, to get angry or get sexy. It’s your space, so come and own it and open up your live show experience.

• • •Spoken dons• • •

►Tshaka Imhotep Campbell:::::: LA Based, Internationally known Wordsmith.


►Excentral Tempest::::Hard hitting, fire spitting verbalist


► Dean Atta::::Award winning poet, playwright, actor and author


► Bunmi Hazzan::::Seasoned poetry Slam Champion


► Jasmine Cooray:::: Actress, engaging poet and director of Write London, graced the stage at the first ever Writer’s Block and is back for more of the same.


• • •Sweet melodies • • •

► Kevin Mark Trail::::: Undoubtedly one of the UKs finest soul stars armed with honey soaked-vocal and rich lyrical content


►Soulcyde: Eletric Soul /funk duo. Prepare for the power-house voice of vocalist Natz



►The mighty DJ Stroller on the one’s an twos


• • •Drama • • •

►Kobna Holdbrook-Smith::: Currently starring in Wole Soyinka play Death & The King’s Horsemen @ The National theatre. Graces the WB stage with a powerful monologue.

• • •Short Films • • •

►Powered by: New York Filmmaker extraordinaire Johnny Ma & “Love is…” Filmmaker Ashton John.

P L U S:

♥ LIVE painting! 
♥ Writer’s Block goodies
♥ Birthday Cake 

• • • E N T R Y • • •

FREE Before 7.30pm
£3 thereafter.

! Arrive early to avoid disappointment !

• • • W E B A G E • • •
For more artistic wonderment mosey on down to:

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Contact us for Birthday and Group bookings at lovewritersblock@gmail.com

A large order of ‘Truth’ to go, please.

January 11, 2009

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _V I S U A L S  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _W O R D A G E _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Night chat 

We were outside smoking

Winter hours made four pm feel like midnight

The countryside sky free of air and light pollution

Had so many stars our city eyes were

Nearly blinded

I exhaled wearily and said

I was heartbroken 

He, my friend, cast me a withering look

Said “stop wasting your time with men

You’re far too clever”

He’s a sometimes feminist

part time misogynist

I suppose he thinks

It accentuates his swagger 

My newfound interest in men has

Placed me lower in status

He maintains that I should know

Better and women are far more complex

Allegedly. All I know is

men drive me distracted

(the men I’m drawn to make me crazy)

most women I’m drawn to are crazy

(so which side of clinical insanity would I like to be

I mean, where does that leave me? ) 

I shook my head, locked eyes with him and said

Listen, seriously man, I’m heart broken

And the stars laughed

And the night grew darker still

He stubbed out his cigarette

And walked back in

With not so much as a word in my direction

I think he preferred it

When I was lesbian  

© PaulaVarjack

More tasty Paula Varjack treats here

(Happy January).