::11 Poems for 2011 by Warsan Shire::


Dear Moon

We blame you for floods
for the flush of blood
for men who are also wolves
and even though you could pull
the tide in by its hair
we tell people that we walked all
over you
we blame you for the night
for the dark
for the ghosts
you cold unimaginable thing
following us home,
we use you
to see each others frail
naked bodies beneath your blue light,
we let you watch; you
swollen against the glass
breath a halo of steam
as we move against one another
wet and desperate
like fish under
a waterlogged sky


Something about Warsan Shire’s poetry leaves me breathless. Tender and compelling, always. Above is just one of the 11 poems Warsan published earlier this month. Pretty sure if you have a pulse you’ll take something from her words.  You can read ’em here.


One Response to ::11 Poems for 2011 by Warsan Shire::

  1. Eliane Jones says:

    what a beautiful poems , I love the inspiration and the imagination the people have, I really enjoyed read it every time I can because I love this kind of literature
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