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London, E1 6JE



.::Love Rhymes Show::.

…Words shape our existence, so in quintessential Writer’s Block style we have poets and singers waxing lyrical about heArt matters and beyond.

*Pictures linked to artists’ websites.*

• • • Feature Acts • • •

Mikill Pane::::

“It’s the return of Mikill Pane, the lanky __ in Urkel frames” Quite literally. Mic murderer Pane returns to us following his 2009 Writer’s Block debut. This time, the East London rapper is set to perform a set with some spanking new material. Celebrated for his punchy wit and social commentary laced with gut busting humour, Mikill has worked with the likes of Ed Sheeran- most recently on The’ No. 5 Collaborations Project’, as well as being part of the music collective The Wick Kidz.

Zayna Daze:::

Zayna Daze is love. Plain and simply. You may remember the film collaboration we did for Writer’s Block Presents: Spoken Unplugged. Further to her cinematic mastery, Miss Daze is a refreshingly delicate poet, writer and musician. Her playfulness with instrumentation has seen her create some fantastically experimental sounds whether at live shows with her loop pedal or heartfelt collaborative E.Ps ‘Cloudy Daze’ Volumes 1 and 2.

14th :::

Our hilarious show hostess Tracey is no one trick pony, and has in fact been recently slaying the London live music circuit as part of dynamite Tropical Soul duo- 14th. Described as an underwater space party, 14th are band with a natural disposition for producing exceptional sounds. Relatable lyrics, futuristic production and power house vocals. We’ve never been more excited about an act on this show!


It’s not often that we come across rappers that make us stop in our tracks and reload the, err…track. One listen to Nate’s bandcamp site will verify all. A fiery lyricist with a hypnotising flow, this’ll be young Nate’s Writer’s Block debut where he’ll deliver his own ‘Love Rhymes’ offerings.


More than just a singer/songwriter Belle is a forward thinking music lover who- though still up and coming- has carved a unique musical identity and brand for herself. Belle’s songs are often moody and deliciously atmospheric, with the kind of haunting electronic production that punctuates her vocals perfectly.

Anthony Anaxagorou::

Anthony is a poignant and often political poet who has toured with the likes of Brit rapper Akala to deliver hard-hitting, reflective rhymes. Blown away by his flair for wordplay and attention to detail, we’re sure you’ll be as taken a back as we were.


P L U S:

► Short Film Screening of ‘Love is Change’.

► Hot food available at Juno Bar

• • • E N T R Y • • •

.:: £5 all night::.

• • • W E B A G E • • •



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  1. Good event peeps. Roll on April!

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