::.Let love live, don’t kill it.::

We’ve mentioned RIP MC a fair few times on this blog. He’s basically one of the most dedicated (he)art curators I know, and so naturally, eons of  flyness continue to flow forth from him.  The latest offering from his royal Ripness is The Purple Hearts Project:

-Purple Hearts are what they give to soldiers that have died or have been injured in time of war.

-We are all soldiers of Love. Many of us are veterans that have been hurt mentally, physically or emotionally.

-Love is a battlefield.

-This project is a series of videos, events, art installations, and songs celebrating the Art of Love, the Love experience, and the Lovers that have been hurt in the process of Loving.


The first audio release from the Purple Hearts is ‘North Star’, a tender, playful adage to an unfulfilled affections and samples Corrine Bailey Rae’s  ‘Young & Foolish’. Click play below and download right hurr.

NORTH STAR by lovewritersblock


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