:: Ballet Black::

Last weekend, The Guardian published a lovely profile piece up on Ballet Black, a professional ballet company focused on giving a platform to international dancers of black and Asian decent. In a field where there’s a distinct lack of visible ethnic diversity, it’s great to see that someone’s challenging the status quo by creating new opportunities.

My sugar dumpling and dear friend, Young, recently introduced me to Cira, the enviously svelte young ballet dancer that features in the above photograph.  Given that I haven’t seen a lick of ballet in my life (well, not entirely), it was refreshing to meet someone who is evidently passionate about her craft and deciated enough to move from New York to London (who does that?) to pursue this. On the concept of Ballet Black as a whole, while racial accessibility is important, I think more than anything this company has the ability to modernise and rejuvenate an art form which is so often viewed as exclusively stiff upper-lipped.

More of Ballet Black, please.

Ballet Black will perform Orpheus at The Royal Opera House, London in Feb 2011.

(I’ll be going. You should too.)


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