::PinBoard Film::

Our  friends at music site par excellence PinBoardBlog have recently embarked on a new venture- PinBoard Film. Combining their passion for music, culture and visual titillation (ahem) with raw talent and tenacity, the PinBoard crew have begun producing E.P.Ks, Behind The Scenes footage and even full length videos. Personal bias aside, it’s fantastic to see a group of people who have such an intricate attention for detail.

The PinBoard boys really do produce stunning work and create original content in a way that- in my opinion- is pretty fucking groundbreaking. We’re in a time where quantity  often outweighs quality as we’re bombarded with vacuous words, sounds and images all in attempt to feed the machine (namely our obsession for instantaneity). Quick fixes are fine- necessary even. But what I enjoy about PinBoard’s visuals is that I know they care about the experience of the viewer, and the subject(s) at hand.  It’s far from hollow, and it’s at that core of creativity where the magic lies.

Below is a selection of just some of my favourite PinBoardBlog pieces. It’s worth noting that PinBoardFilm also produce commissioned video production and photography work.


::PinBoardBlog Presents: The People on Michael Jackson

::Rehearsal Rooms with Electric Wire Hustle (‘Waters’)

::The Kelly Rowland Interview

::G.R.E.Ed.S ‘ What It Means’ *


*this will be filmed in full @ the next Writer’s Block Show

Delight over more from PinBoardFilm and of course, PinBoardBlog


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