:: 17.11.10::

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The last Writer’s Block show of 2010. The first year of this decade (aptly dubbed by some as ‘The Year of The Poet’), has been an exciting one for us, including our Jessie Boykins show at Cargo,The introduction of the Writer’s Block Presents: Spoken Unplugged Series and our first BBQ event. Let’s celebrate firsts, and set the tone for next year and beyond.

*Pictures linked to artists’ websites.*

• • • Feature Acts • • •

Ed Sheeran::::
Having caused quite an industry stir with his unique brand of folk- meets- hip hop- meets- tongue twisting- melodic metaphor, Ed will be performing at Writer’s Block for the first time on Nov 17th. His music has seen him rack up kudos from Singer/ Actor Jamie Foxx, score over 200,00 YouTube views from his SBTV Acoustic 64 performance and appear on BBC youth culture show ‘No Hats No Trainers’ to name a few. This’ll be monumental.


Natalie Fiawoo:::
Natalie is an undeniably gifted spoken word performer with has an emotionally arresting, candid style that gets a fair few nods and uh huhs in approval. Since recently beginning to incorporate singing to her accentuate her words, Natalie has developed a voice that’s beautifully relatable. Whether strongly assured or admittedly defeated, her poems resonate.


Alex Gwyther:::
Certainly one of the most popular poets we’ve had at Writer’s Block, Alex is back to give is more of what we loved the first time around- effortless brilliance. As Poetry veteran Polarbear declared, “”When someone has raw skill and a self awareness that makes it natural you can’t really touch them. Alex has two big bags of both. Ace.” We couldn’t agree more.


Paula Varjack::
Berlin dweller Paula is a true Spoken Word ambassador. Organising her own events such as as ‘The anti-Slam’ and a catalogue of worldwide performances under her belt, Paula is a fantastic addition to the line up injecting a much needed dose of punchy, hyperreal rhymes.


The Pencil Stringhorn Project::
The Pencil Stringhorn Project is an acoustic, mellowed out group, featuring loud mouth/lyrical G Joshua Idehen as the frontman with Tom on Sax. For this show, there’ll be a special appearance from Musa Okwongo (who can be spotted in the new Jacob’s Creek wine ads being all debonair) and Jon, as they join forces to create a Benin City/ Pencil Stringhorn Project magical medley of sorts.


P L U S:

► Short Film Screening+ Screening of  ‘What It Means’ by G.R.E.Ed.S

► Hot food available at Juno Bar

• • • E N T R Y • • •



E1 6JE

.:: £5 all night::.

• • • W E B A G E • • •




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