:: Spoken Unplugged EP. 1:: The Wrong Truth::

Woooo! It’s here. Remember when I said that we were cooking up a special project back in August? This is it. The collective efforts of the wonderfully imaginative Zayna Daze films, the Poetic musings of Indigo Brown, conceptualised and production assisted by me (Felicia). This is the first installment of Writer’s Block Presents: Spoken Unplugged, a  new feature that was decided upon early summer. The idea was simple, to take poetry off the stage…to unplug the mic cords and let art loose on the streets.  A series that’ll see a capella poetry being given a platform much like a music video, depicting aesthetics detailing and interesting visuals as well as attempting to convey the poignancy of the subject matters.

This poem, ‘The Wrong Truth’ is one of Indigo’s early works, and reflects the Writer’s Block ethos well. Disarming stereotypes, writing wrongs and unhinging barricades. That’s the beauty of this art form.  Enjoy.




One Response to :: Spoken Unplugged EP. 1:: The Wrong Truth::

  1. Whoa!!! Powerful! Strong, and not the volume, nor the message necessarily… it’s Indigo’s words, her presence… her being! I would like to see a copy of her poem, because it speaks not from the voice of a Black Woman… it speaks for all those who have been beaten down by society to lose themselves to exist as a number. Well done! Bravo!!
    Your friend, Denise

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