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Yesterday, impassioned poet  Hollie McNish took to facebook to express her feelings and frustrations over the subject of this month’s New Internationalist magazine– peasant farming, seeds and the increasing corporate monopoly of this industry, resulting in robbed livelihoods and lands.  What started as one poetic status update, became a series of many with others following suit to express what they feel is unjustly missing from our news headlines.  Food for thought:

Each day a hundred languages are dying, tongues drying up as lips whisper secrets into black holes. Lost forever. Evolutions knowledge locked up in revolving doors, stored in heads now lay dead on stolen lands.
And my headlines say: Cheryl Cole Has Lost Weight.

Each day a hundred cultures pass, native tongues scorched and scarred hang like panting dogs in empty skeletons. Tales they’ll never tell again, plants and cures irrelevant as people pushed from land again.
And my headline says: A Level Results Higher than Last Year.

Each day a hundred seeds are lost, extinction grows like cash crops and monothrones, machines drone on farmers land, knowledge grabbed from age old hands and tossed into the air.
And my headlines read: New Facelift Craze in Hollywood.

Each day a thousand people are killed, tribes tipped out like tiny spills, peasant farmers landline filled by monocrops and business thrills and still my headlines silent still as a million people read: Has Jordan Had a Boob Job?

©2010 Hollie McNish.


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