::Pakistan Flood Appeal::

As we all know, heavy monsoon rains have caused the worst floods in living memory in Pakistan. More than 1,600 people are thought to have died, with around 20 million people affected. It’s easy to become a little desensitized to news, because we’ve grown up with devastations and deaths being the order of the day, everyday, around the world, brought to us by neutral tones on glossy screens. We in the UK rarely deal with natural disasters. In instances where we’ve experienced unusually heavy snow (in recent years, around 16 inches at most ) everything grinds to a halt ( for a few days at most), and the level of hysteria over our inconveniences reaches gigantic proportions, when rarely are these life or death situations. It requires perspective to appreciate that we live in one of the world’s richest countries – a welfare state no less- not prone to massive natural disasters such as what Pakistan has had to face…and continues to face, with little in the way of international aid.

For the next Writer’s Block BBQ Event, there will be donation boxes for us all to give to the Pakistan Flood Appel, via the DEC (The Disaster Emergency Committee, which is an unbrella organisation for 13 humanitarian agencies). A % of the entry/BBQ food fee we’re charging will also be donated from our side, but having additional voluntary donation boxes,  I hope, will maximise fundraising and will 100% go to charity. Regulars of Writer’s Block events know that we have fundraising shows at the end of every year, and though this isn’t an official fundraiser, it did strike me that quite literally…every little helps (no Tesco).

If you won’t be at the September 12th event, please do go ahead and donate whatever you can to the Pakistan Flood appeal. Donations serve to pay for emergency aid, medical supplies, clean water as well as tools to enable family’s rebuild their homes. The Oxfam disaster appeal website gives a comprehensive breakdown of what your £s can do to aid this travesty. You can also click the below link to ‘head straight to the DEC site.


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