::The Man Behind ‘Power’::

By now you may have seen the new Kanye West digital portrait for his song ‘Power’. It’s a  stunning piece that has the unique ability of juxtaposing dark nefariousness with esoteric etherealism (how’s that for an unnesccarily flowery description (!)).  Anyway, the creative brain behind the video is Marco Brambilla, an artist and filmmaker who has penned movies such as Demolition Man and Destricted. It’s his art pieces though, that have caused a flurry of interest after his digital artwork ‘Civilisation’  was commissioned for display at the Standard Hotel in New York. It’s harrowing, expressive visual piece

Civilization is a multi-layered tableau of interconnecting images that illustrates a contemporary, satirical take on the concepts of eternal punishment and celestial reward. More than 300 individual channels of looped video are blended into an expansive landscape that continuously scrolls upward, from the depths of hell to the gates of heaven.”


Marco has gone on to create some interesting, experimental video projects. See below for ‘Ghost’ (chilling!) and ‘Flashback’ (mesmerizing)

“Ghost is a study of model Natasha Poly. An investigation into the obsessive behavior of the public eye and it’s lingering effects on those chased and caught by it. The piece utilizes multiple shots, all presented head-on, giving the audience an opportunity to experience the deconstruction of an icon as it strips the beauty out of fashion.”

“FLASHBACK deals with the collective subconscious and memory using film iconography, the work is presented in a thirty-six block video matrix spanning six distinct phrases. Mirroring the arc of life, each phrase evokes specific psychological responses depending on the associations each individual makes between the video loops . The effect is akin to watching a video Rorschach test.”

I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot more of Marco in the mainstream, and certainly  multi-medium abstract digital portraits of this sort. Initiatives like the Creator’s Project are testimony to these things moving into a wider domain. Exciting times.

For more on Marco Brambilla, visit http://marcobrambilla.com


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