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On Saturday 17th July, 2010, central London was ablaze with a flurry of art enthusiasts ready to sample the first UK installment of the Creators Project. The initiative is self termed as a “new network dedicated to the celebration of creativity and culture across media, and around the world. At a time in the history of the arts where digital technologies have revolutionized distribution, democratized access, and completely re-imagined the scope and scale with which an artist can create a vision and reach an audience, The Creators Project is a completely new kind of arts and culture channel for a completely new kind of world.”

Established just this year, The Creator’s Project has already seen a successful run in New York City in June, and will undoubtedly keep doing the rounds across the world’s artistic epicenters.  Saturday’s event was special, really special. Victoria House in Bloomsbury was transported into Creation HQ, clinical white walls, indigo mood lighting and sections dedicated to instillations, interactive exhibitions and short films that were each embracive of all things digital and new media. From coupling street wear with augmented reality (Casette Playa clothing demonstration) through to 3D augmented reality participation illustrations, movement and colour reliant light installations and dance/photo booths.

This, in tandem with a curious, young artistic crowd made for a great day segment of the event. The highlight of this had to be the screening of Spike Jonze short film ‘I’m Here’. A stunning, harrowing piece of hyper real fiction. It’s befitting that it’s called the Creators as opposed to Creatives Project. It’s the doers. The enablers and in that spirit of interaction, that allows attendees to have a real sense of contribution, and it’s a wonderfully unique way of celebrating art.

When night fell, and the volume around the free bars invariably began to swell, the Creators Project took to more musical focuses. With a master class by Boy Better Know veteran MC Jammer and a pop panel who created a song in 58 minutes,  a SICK Grime set by Mumdance and a line up of DJs playing everything from Ghettotech to Hip Hop .

Most of the live performances took place within the Bloomsbury Ballroom with Mark Ronson and band ‘Business Intl’ headlining. They gave a ferociously energetic performance and later Bloc Party front man Kele Okereke- after some technical hitches- rocked the crowd right with both solo and old Bloc Party jams. At one point he proclaimed that after a long day, he felt like a Ghost,
“so excuse me if I disappear”.  There wasn’t a chance of that. The crowd, fully invested in that giddy glee that a free bar brings, wouldn’t let him let up and things pretty much turned into a full on rave. Hands out stretched, drenched tees and jumping Jacks. It was a-mazing. And a great culmination to an event that really did tick every box.

Let’s hope the Creators Project will return next year for more of the same, please.

For more information visit the Creators Project website.


2 Responses to .::Creators Project::.

  1. Oliver Hood says:

    I had so much fun it actually hurt my feelings when it was over.

    More pics here! http://www.thecreatorsproject.com/en-uk/blog

  2. […] and certainly  multi-medium abstract digital portraits of this sort. Initiatives like the Creator’s Project are testimony to these things moving into a wider domain. Exciting […]

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