In Nov 2008, Union Square, NYC, amongst an array of stalls selling crafts, cheese and fake designer handbags,  I came across a writer/illustrator selling his impeccably designed poetry books. They were hand-made, with concise, penetrating poems that flowed like fragmented (yet poignant) streams of conciousness about life and love. Some of the poems were/are far too abstract for me to fully grasp, but well written enough for me to appreciate. Maybe a year or so after meeting this poet and buying his book, he emailed me the below poem. I’m not sure why I haven’t shared it till now. It’s pretty great. I hope I told him that!

Email heading read:

“maybe you remember me from union square found your card heres a poem and a picture”

Signed off with “Be happy”.

According to the email (and definitely not my failing memory) the poet’s name is Jason Henry. I hope Mr Henry’s still out there, sharing his (He)art.

I’ll be back in NYC next week, looking for inspiration.



2 Responses to ::Flashfwd::

  1. Amazing! That picture’s pretty awesome.

    If you’re looking for inspiration in NYC, you have to have to have to HAVE TO go to the Bowery Poetry Club. They have a weekly poetry slam night on Tuesdays called the Urbana Poetry Slam. It’s where I first properly got into spoken word/performance poetry.

    Here’s their website: http://www.bowerypoetry.com/

    If you don’t make it to Urbana, they have tonnes of other wordy stuff going on.

    Hope you make it there! x

    • For sure! I’ve been meaning to go to Bowery for the longest time. I spent 3 months in NY once and still never managed to go :(. It’s sky-high on the agenda this time. Thanks x

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