We’ve been plotting and planning a spectacular ‘comeback’ for this blog. A way to easily console the fact that we’ve been very rubbish at posting regularly. It’s been a beautiful few months, with lots of developments with Writer’s Block. We wanted to condense and characterise it in a special way. Truthfully,  it may have been another month before anything tangible materialised.

That is, until we came across this, the new Poetry album of Ms Hollie McNish, a passionate, beautiful soul and one of the most engaging poets you’ll ever come across. Ever.  So image our delight to discover that not only has lovely Hollie given birth to a precious new life, but has graciously documented her journey , introspections and reflections with an audio collection available for download. This seems a befitting ‘back in the game’ post for us, seeing as our good ol’ 2nd Birthday event in April marked somewhat of a rebirth for Writer’s Block as an event and organisation.

I’ve been listening to Hollie’s album all morning, and it’s simply delightful (unlike that Channel 4 documentary series ‘One Born Every Minute’ which was pretty scary stuff).  The name of Ms. McNish’s album sums up its splendour entirely: ‘PUSH KICK: a journey through the beauty, brilliance and bollocks of having a baby’. N’joy:

All money from this album will be donated to Camfed, helping educate girls worldwide.

Congratulations again to Hollie.

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