Wale feat. Marsha Ambrosius- Diary


This video isn’t hot off the press, but you know we don’t do crazy things like blog daily around here. Still this is a moment. Mainly because this track- where Wale is executing some serious spoken word- is his next official single. I’m happy to see it’s made it beyond album track status.

The day before is better than the present,
so anyone presented in her presence is doing these life sentences,
there’s no key for release,
no reason to be around,
her minds in the clouds,
she writes it all down,
in her diary.

This is a bit ( a lot) exciting (Given, on the track he does rhyme in a similar meter to Natalie ‘Floasist’ Stewart, which might have something to do with Marsha Ambrosius of Floetry killing it on the chorus..it’s all very Floetry revival-esqe). Still, it’s great this is getting a little attention. I miss music like this in the mainstream. Bless Wale,  he’s such an emotionally sensitive rapper these days…pulling at heart-strings and all sorts.


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