Thursday 11th February

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• • • IN B R E I F • • •

If you haven’t sampled Writer’s Block before think: vibrant spoken word, emotive, intimate live music and engaging short films. It’s a space to be unrestricted, to laugh, to get angry or get sexy. It’s your space, so come and own it; open up your live show experience.

The February 11th show is Passion themed and each act will in some way relate their interpretation of that. Why? Because passion is what propels us.

• • • POETS • • •

Will Stopha

::: www.williamstopha.com

The self termed ‘story telling, song singing, learning, listening, rhymer’, Will is quite possibly UK poetry’s best kept secret. Always giving the audience a sensory explosion with his use of visuals incorporated in to rhyme slayin’, expect the unexpected.

► Indigo Williams

::: http://www.myspace.com/indigowilliams
With open arms, we welcome Indigo, a massively talented writer, to our block (see what we did there?). With her penmanship ranging from poetry to scriptwriting, Indigo vividly inks out her experiences with great sophistication.

► Tshaka Campbell

::: http://www.myspace.com/tshakaisnaturalkink

Papa Tshaka, is our California native. His Poetry CD ‘Listen Differently’ is still literally on constant rotation at the Writer’s Block HQ. A rare gem of a wordsmith and enchanting performer, he’s a treat.

► Jodi Ann Bickley

:: http://www.myspace.com/onenoneblonde
Finalist of the Roundhouse Slam ’09, Ms Bickley has been making waves with her coy, fire-tongued delivery and relatable content. Characterized for her humorous take on life’s idiosyncrasies, she can’t not put a smile on your face.


• • • LIVE MUSIC ACTS • • •


::: http://www.myspace.com/obenewa
Obenewa has stunned crowed up and down the UK with her distinctly invigorating performances and relentless passion for her craft. Most recently Obenewa was a nominee for this year’s UK Mixtape Awards, off the back of her much acclaimed Soul mixtape Therapy featuring the likes of Bashy. Come Feb 11th, Obenewa will be serving acoustic versions of original songs from the Therapy mixtape ad beyond.


::: http://www.myspace.com/jareth1987
22 year old JARETH from north-west London is one of London’s most refreshing songwriter/ singers to emerge from the unsigned scene. It was only three years ago that JARETH (formerly know as Jaysongs) discovered her talent for the pen and mic and has been unstoppable ever since. Her voice is simply divine; peruse her MySpace page for evidence of this, then come down on Feb 11th to experience the real deal live.


::: http://www.myspace.com/wilsonsings
If singing voices had the physiological capabilities to actually make the human body melt into a pool of pulsating mush, Wilson’s would quite possibly be that voice. Smooth vocals, coupled with markedly poignant lyrics makes Wilson is quite simply, a double treat and a man who continues to make waves on the unsigned scene.


:: http://www.myspace.com/sharikamedla
Hailing from Germany, Sharika is a singer/songwriter that has been performing for a number of years both in Germany and England. Her music encompasses elements of Soul, Folk and Rock. She’s currently working on new material towards releasing an EP in the summer, and will be debuting at Writer’s Block on Feb 11th


Short Film Screening: ‘Love Is’ By Yemi Bamiro.

DJ Set from DJ STROLLER http://myspace.com/djstroller

► An extensive menu of Hot Food available

• • • E N T R Y • • •
.:: £5 ALL Night!::.

! Arrive early to avoid tears and aching feet !

RSVP>>>>>>>>>> www.tiny.cc/wbfeb

• • • W E B A G E • • •


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  1. […] Writer’s Block “Passion” Show Date: Thursday Feb 11th 2010 Time: 8pm onwards (but I’d advise getting there early as it gets packed fairly quickly) Location: Juno, 134-135 Shoreditch High Street, London, E1 6JE Price: £5 […]

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