I’ve come to the conclusion that the only thing better than pure, ethereal, understated, hushed magnificence,  is raging, unabashed, hyper-lunacy. Why bother with in-betweens? And this dear photographer Jing has mastered the latter. Quite Fittingly, his website is entitled SuperHyperReal, and here’s a fine selection of just that:

SG Idols


Food Porn


(happiness is a warm cow)

First spotted over @ ATCN


12 Responses to ::.Jing.::

  1. Nice photos. I think the “cheerleaders” one is quite impressive

  2. soulprana says:

    Great pics! I’m still trying to figure out the food porn pic 😉

  3. freshfitteds says:

    wow thats a crazy photo shoot

  4. A_wandering_mind says:

    Great pics and crazy concept!!

  5. shutterwasp says:

    Those are some strinking photos. Really draws in the viewer. Right from the first picture I was drawnin, and maybe a little confused by the food porn too. Hungry now…

  6. Sun Yi says:

    Simply awesome. I love the last picture with the ladies fighting over a handbag.

  7. Maiajk says:

    Wow… Well I got to admit that the “Happiness Is A Warm Cow” picture is a bit akward (O.K. Its REALLY akward!)… But the cheerleader picture was coolish. 🙂

  8. These photos crack me up especially the “Happiness Is A Warm Cow”. Nice shots.

  9. dorkarama says:

    Wow, how does he get his colours to saturate like that?
    That food porn pic is going to haunt me.

  10. pdrobbers says:

    Nice pictures, on their website are some great ones too!

  11. Love love and more love.

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