You might want to check out a film called Paris Je t’aime, it really is quite wonderful.  

The movie  is a collection of short films directed by and starring a host of top international talent. Each short film is either inspired by, or simply based within a particular Parisian arrondissement.  There’s no other theme or restrictions. The subject matters  range from the abstract, allegoric, fantastical, emotive, sensual…to the beyond.  The result is a collection of beautifully shot pieces, brought to life by the complex simplicity of human beings, our interactions, relationship, fears and desires.

 One of my favourite shorts out of the 18 is the video below. Loving whoever put this pon the ‘net…


14th Arrondissement:: Directed by Alexander Payne



Aah! Joys. Also found another favourite. Amazingly written. The intensity of it all… I gush, I gush!


Faubourg Saint-Denis:: Directed by Tom Tykwer



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