:.:”It’s a contribution not a competition”. yeah.::.

This is Maxwell—>

If  experiencing Maxwell’s music live were to be signified using an image it’d be a cross between


and this–>

A phenomenal talent, Maxwell has recently returned from  his seven year hiatus with BLACKsummers’night a stunning studio album which effortlessly slotted Maxwell back into the void he’d left. He is the epitome of modern day, undiluted soul music and has managed to stay true to the essence of his sound. Great music, using skillful musicians and poignant lyrics.

On Friday13 November, Maxwell performed at London’s 02 Brixton Academy.  Aside from his pitch perfect vocals and the less expected addition of  vivacious performances (note: lunges, backwards bends= Maxwell must have been hitting the yoga mats HARD), what captured me in all was the earnestness of amazing music, coupled with a seemingly genuine expression and personality.

Taking time in between songs to be  sincere, apologetic of his absence all these years, often brimming with innuendo, Maxwell connected.  One thing, which I felt blog worthy, really stuck though.  On more than one occasion, the Brooklyn-born soul star stated that he didn’t see the need for competition in art, rather it is about a contribution to the artistic world.  Music is his contribution one that he feels blessed to share and in my pseudo hippie way, I found that endearing.

We’re in a time where everything’s a competition: whatever we do, whatever our vocation or pursuit, it’s overtly, or more discretely played off as being in direct  opposition with something/someone else.

I’d like to put art on a pedal stool though, take it out of the ‘suvival of the fittest equation and conceive the idea of not art for profit or art for arts sake, but art because art MUST, and your outlet matters. Something to ponder on.

At the end of the concert Maxwell vowed to return to the UK and hold more spectacular shows, every year, for the next seven years. I think that’d be a fine contribution to our society, make them free shows and who knows what wonders we’d achieve.

Keep your eyes peeled at PINBOARDblog for a comprehensive full on review of the Maxwell concert in London, including pictures.

BTW, you should buy the BLACKsummers’night album by Maxwell…or the Maxwell Unplugged album if you want to get a taste of the liveness.



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