::Just Added::

An exciting addition to the  bill of our September event taking place THIS SUNDAY…

Writer’s Block will be screening Tight Jeans by Destiny Ekaragha, the 2009 Best Newcomer Soho Rushes Film Festival.





Three black teenagers are becoming frustrated while waiting for their friend. A young white lad walks past wearing super tight jeans. The boys look on until one of them asks the pivotal question, “How can a man wear jeans that tight?” This sparks a debate about race and culture.


The initial idea for TIGHT JEANS came when Destiny and her older brother were walking along Deptford High Street in London and a guy walked past wearing really tight jeans. This led to Destiny and her brother debating how a man can wear jeans that tight and where do they fit it all in!

Using this debate as the thread for the short film Destiny then went on to think of other discussions and debates that she had either overheard or taken part in.

While writing Tight Jeans, Destiny wanted to create a film that reflected everyday conversations and debates, but most importantly she wanted to stay true to her personal observations of how young black men speak to each other and interact. This is a voice and a humour that is not often heard or seen in mainstream media.

TIGHT JEANS is a light comedy that touches on modern attitudes towards other cultures. It explores the ignorance we tend to have of one another, sometimes without even realising it.

►This, plus our original line up of lyricist:: Mikill Pane// Singer:: Kersha Bailey// & Spoken Word from:: Michaela (Fixing Barbie)// The Roundhouse Slam Poets// Cloudfist// &  Aisling Fahey.




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