:: Who is Spike Jonze?

Opening Statement. Let Writer’s Block help you in finding out who and what Spike Lee Spike Jonze is all about. This can only be done successful by presenting to you a list of exhibits, that once seen will open your eyes, fill your brains and propel you into nothing less than creative bliss! So without further a do…

Exhibit A. Pictorial

Exhibit B. A clip from the cult classic motion picture Being John Malkovich that in actual fact Spike Jonze directed, which received rave reviews and got 3 oscar nominations. 

Exhibit C. A list of some of the music videos he directed;

Bjork ‘It’s Oh So Quiet’,

Fatboy Slim ‘Praise You’,

Beastie Boys ‘Sabotage’,

Notorious BIG ‘Sky is the Limit’ 

Pharcyde ‘Drop’ seems to be one of his most popular videos to date so it only seems fitting to allow you to view this amazing cloister of visuals, beats and rhymes known as Hip Hop.


Exhibit D. Dope ass short film.

In Closing.

I hope Writer’s Block has not only managed to help you to find out who Spike Jonze is, but also opened your eyes into what creativity is all about. With this in mind follow the trail of pictures below taken from what has been described ‘as one of the most beloved books of all time’ – Where The Wild Things Are. Spike Jonze’s latest project has seen him turn this book into a motion picture, which I am safe in saying (going by the trailer), will definitely be a masterpiece. 

Next Case: How to get to Sesame Street?



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  1. […] crowd made for a great day segment of the event. The highlight of this had to be the screening of Spike Jonze short film ‘I’m Here’. A stunning, harrowing piece of hyper real fiction. It’s befitting […]

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