.:: S L A M !::.


I’m not crazy about poetry slams. 

Maybe it’s the concept of coupling competition with art, that irks me.  Something about the stringent time restrictions I find insulting or maybe it’s the fact that  giving something so subjective as poetry a  public score out of ten is pretty callous.   A low score effectivelyy amounts to  a big fat red ‘x’ across the heart another.  Sigh.

 Aside form this issue, I do quite enjoy slams  and the high concentration of acts means you’re likely to find a more gems than at a poetry event with fewer acts and less variety.

It dawned on me that not everyone may really get how a slam works. So a poetry slam is basically a competition.  Scores out of ten, highest scorer wins. 


I don’t know if the above video really illustrates much.  I can’t actually view it on this godforsaken computer I’m on, so I just typed ‘Poetry Slam’ into the Youtube search bar. 

Anyway, I assume the video is of one poet, then the idea is, after that the judges hold up their scores out of ten,  the next poet goes on…and so forth.

If you enjoy slams, or think you might not hate it,  and you happen to be in London on Friday  July 24th, then DEFINITELY peep the London heat of the BBC Radio 4 Poetry Slam competition, at Drill Hall.  It’ll feature some of the best Spoken Word Poets in the UK.  Fact.

F  L Y  E R



A night featuring London’s poetry slam champions battling it out for two places in the BBC Radio 4 Poetry Slam semi-final draw.

There will be three rounds. The first starting at around 7pm will include all the poets. The second, starting around 8:30, will have a minimum of 10, the final round a minimum of five.

The poets confirmed so far who are slamming!

Zainab Adam, Tomas Adejumo, Ray Antrobus, Dean Atta, Catherine Brogan, Sophie Cameron, Alain English, Aisling Fahey, Bunmi Hazzan, Anne Le, Sabrina Mahfouz, Hollie McNish, Shauna O’Briain, Vera Rich, Deanna Rodger, Warsan Shire, Wizard of Skill, Adam Spinks, Richard Tyrone-Jones and Mark Walton.

Plus special feature guests: Jasmine Cooray, Abraham Gibson, Fran Landesman, Rachel Pantechnicon, Rachel Rose Reid and Dudley Sutton

Emcee: John Paul O’Neill

See you there?  I’ll be the one reluctantly holding up a score card…if I’m lucky.



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