::Not all Mercury is banned

The Mercury Music Prize was first established in 1992 and was created as an alternative to the industry dominated Brit awards. Due to this nominees are normally recognized by sheer talent than chart-topping success. So in Lehmans terms exit Lady Gaga enter………………Speech Debelle.


Speech Debelle has just been nominated for a Mercury, which follows artists such as Roots Manuva, Dizzee Rascal, Ty and M.I.A. Not a bad list to be on if I say so myself. Now I’m going to be totally honest, I missed the boat on this artist completely. I gave her a quick  listen in late 08 and just pressed fast forward as I felt she was missing some sort of edge.  On a second listen (earlier this afternoon) I have realised that the hard-rage infused spitting I was looking for has been replaced with warm, insightful rhymes that, in fact, is very pleasing on the ear. 

Feast your retinas on the live busking video below.

Her debut album Speech Therapy is out now, released on Big Dada records, for more Speech Debelle click here.

Good luck on the Mercury my dear!



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