.::The Class of K’NAAN::.


It’s a sunshiney day in London, always a beautiful thing.  Plus we’re still riding off the excitement of our new video and forthcoming June 17th event

So the point of this post is to put you on to an interview I (Felicia) conducted with the mighty K’NAAN: musician lyricist, visionary, poet, philosopher, political activist…call him what you will, but the unequivocal part is that he’s DOPE.  One the most enthralling artists I’ve encountered musically  in recent years.  The interview took place in late May, when K’NAAN was in the UK for a one-off show. The full interview can be peeped in full at PinboardBlog .

K'NAAN- T.I.A Video from new album Troubadour ^

HOWEVER, I did reserve a little something special for you Writer’s Block/Writer’s Blog movers,  y’all know I had to get in with the poetry talk, right?

Felicia:Your Grandfather, Abdi-Noor Haji Mohamed was a [well known, Somali]  poet, did he ever recite to you?
K’NAAN: All the time, and I used to recite to him.  My first recital was when I was 7 years old and I recited a piece about the absence of my father and the complicated way that it worked with my mother. There was a translated piece of it that recently came out because my mother remembered it,  And it loosely translates to:
 The wind whispering hearsay
 puddles, by pillows where tears lay
 Mother prayed for a martyr
 but all she was given was father.
 Felicia: And that’s a translation…that rhymes?
Yeah because Somali is like insane, I can’t even explain.  The truth is you could find the words that ended in English, so I choose to write them  in that way, but they mean that exact thing.

Felicia: You must have been quite an articulate 7 year old

K’NAAN: It’s likely to have been my grandfather’s influence, but from an early age poetry just came easily. Like, the words willed themselves into existence.

Abdi-Noor Haji Mohamed ^

* * *

Read the full Interview with K’NAAN here


 P.S Cop this album!



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