::Who’s line is it anyway??

Twitter. Everywhere I turn. Twitter. Every celebrity is on. Twitter. I will soon join. Twitter.

It seems direct, concise and smart statements is what is keeping our eyes snugly glued to our handhelds, laptops, and computers.

*Enter* Ben Okri.

The Nigerian born Booker Prize winning writer is releasing a poem line by line day by day on……..you guessed it! Twitter. 

Line 1: I sing a new freedom – #benokri (posted the day before yesterday)

Line 2: Freedom with discipline. #benokr (posted yesterday)

Line 3: We need freedom to rise higher. – #benokri (posted today)

Follow Ben Okri @ twitter.com/benokri

The complete poem will be available in Ben Okri’s new book Tales of Freedom which will be released in April.




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