It often comes up.  Y’know the whole rap/poetry axis debate.  Is rap poetry? or just poetic in its essence? does it simply borrow from the poetic form? or is it a separate entity of its own?  Whatever your opinion it’s undeniable that rap was originally born out of  poetry.  It’s not always apparent now, but if you feel down far enough, it’s there at the root. 

 Miss Amanda Diva hailing from NYC has been doing her thing as a rapper for some time now.  Having dropped her recent EP Spandex, Ryhmes & Soul she’s making her way up the ‘hot ones to watch’ list of musical dopeness.

And then came the discovery.  The Def Poetry performance she did in ’05 of 40 emcees.  If you’re a Def poetry lover/ Diva-Diva fanatic, you’ve prolly seen it before.  If you’re not, this one’s for you.  Miss Diva, straight lyrical:

Question is, is rap without a beat automatically poetry?


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2 Responses to ::Ra-P-oetry

  1. narayan says:

    If you are interested in the intersection of poetry and rap check out this video. i am experimenting along such lines.

    my own opinion is that this is the modern poetic forum. Most poets would struggle to sell a few books. Was it leonard cohen that said the future of poetry is through singer song writers. well now its that and rappers.

  2. Jill says:

    Rap (stripped of a beat and a rapper’s flow) uses the same formal poetic techniques that literary poetry uses. Eminem isn’t just the master of shocking people with violent fantasies, he is a master of assonance, consonance and end rhyme (all of which are devices employed since Shakespeare). Personally, I think rap is poetry (with or without a beat–though rap without a beat is slam poetry, isn’t it?) In my opinion, all music lyrics are lyric poetry. That said, I think there are a lot of bad poets out there.

    I talk about it more on my blog (shortlink below).


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